Nickname of Real Madrid – The greatest club

The nickname of Real Madrid is no longer strange to soccer fans. However, those who are new to football will probably still feel a bit strange. This is a team from Spain and has the most achievements today. The club’s familiar nicknames will be shared by LODI646 through the following content of the article.

Basic information about Real Madrid

Basic information about Real Madrid

On March 6, 1902, Real Madrid was founded with the full name “Madrid Football Club”. However, in the early stages of the team’s performance, it did not leave much of an impression on the fans. It took a decade for the team to gradually make changes in its performance. By 1980, the club had won the European Cup five times. This is a remarkable achievement for a small, little-known team.

After the process of formation and development, the team has recruited notable names to register for the squad. Thanks to the leadership of coach Vicente del Bosque and the ownership of the duo Emilio Butragueño and Michel, the team’s performance has improved. The 1990s were years of prosperity and success for Real Madrid. At that time, the team had a team of talented players with Ronaldo, Luis Figo, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane,…

The team continuously dominates the domestic tournament, winning La Liga many times and winning the UEFA Champions League. The trophy collection has enriched the team’s traditional room. Especially worth mentioning is the unprecedented achievement of winning the UEFA Champions League three times in a row in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Thanks to that, Real Madrid’s nickname is also more widely known.

Collection of the most known Real Madrid nicknames

Collection of the most known Real Madrid nicknames

Below is a list of nicknames associated with the name of Real Madrid through the years of history:

Los Merengues

Merengues are known as one of the famous pastries in Spain. This cake has a main color of white and is loved by many people in this country. Therefore, this type of cake is also loved by fans to show the sweetness of the club. Watching the team’s matches is like enjoying the aftertaste of cake.

White vulture

One of Real Madrid’s nicknames most familiar to fans is the White Vulture. However, not everyone can fully understand the meaning of this name. This is a bird capable of flying high with excellent hunting ability when it hits the target. The killer instinct will be strongly awakened in the same way that Real players take the field.

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Regardless of any opponent, they are always not afraid but boldly confront with the desire to win all 3 points. This team is also the place that attracts big stars from the world soccer industry to join. Thanks to those resounding successes, it is a premise for any player to want to join. Although there have been ups and downs, the White Vulture has rarely been underestimated in its abilities.

Real Madrid’s nickname – Los Vikingos

Real Madrid's nickname – Los Vikingos

As a fan of Real Madrid, you will surely know the nickname Los Vikingos. This is the name used to refer to true and enthusiastic fans of the team from Spain. In every match that the home team plays, with love, they always cheer wholeheartedly, civilized, and politely. The companionship with my beloved football team does not count day or night or money.

Even though the team has ups and downs, that enthusiastic spirit never changes from Los Vikingos. Therefore, Real Madrid players always play their best to give fans a satisfying match. The club’s history has since been written with heroic songs and championships won.

Los Galácticos

When mentioning Real Madrid’s nickname, we will certainly know Los Galacticos. This name means Thien Ha and was given by fans to their favorite football team. During the period when the club signed a series of contracts with stars such as D. Beckham, F. Zidane, C. Ronaldo, D. Figo,… this name was born.

This is also a club that has a fan base in many countries around the world. In the Philippines, there are also many genuine Los Blancos who always love their team.


Real Madrid’s nickname is used with many different names. They all bring meaning and are associated with the ups and downs of the club’s development. This is a world-leading club with many noble achievements. Currently, under the leadership of coach Carlo Ancelotti, the team is still playing sublimely and is highly appreciated in participating arenas.

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