How to play Sicbo – conquer the lucky game

How to play Sic bo to ensure victory is a question that many players ask when they are new to this game. Join the team of 30 JILI experts to learn more about this issue in the article below.

What is Sicbo?

What is Sicbo?

Sicbo, a dice-rolling game from China, is widely popular in online casinos worldwide today. The game uses three dice (dice), each with six sides numbered from 1 to 6, corresponding to 1 to 6 points.

How to play sic bo is not too difficult; participants will place bets on one of the bets, such as over/under bets, number bets, etc. Then, the dealer will start shaking the dice and calculating the three sides’ total score to determine the winning or losing results. The result of the bet will depend on the total score of the three dice when rolled.

If your prediction is correct, you will receive a bonus according to the odds the house offers for the bet. With simple gameplay and high reward rates, this game has attracted many participants on online betting floors. However, to win over/under, you need to know how to analyze and calculate quickly and flexibly when making decisions and choosing the right bet type.

Instructions on how to play Sic bo at the house

Instructions on how to play Sicbo at the house

If you are interested in how to participate in the Sic Bo game at the house, you can refer to the following instructions:

Step 1: Visit the homepage

First, visit the homepage of the house you want to play through the official link, log in to your account, and then deposit money into the game. If you do not have an account, click on the “Register” box in the right corner of the screen, fill in the information according to the instructions to register, and then deposit money into the game.

Step 2: Choose a Sicbo room

After logging in, go to “Casino” or “Card Games” on the menu bar and select the Sicbo room. Each room will have different ways of playing, betting levels, and reward rates, allowing players to choose according to their preferences and budget.

Step 3: Place bet

Once you have selected the game room, a new dialog box will appear. Click on “Sicbo,” then select the table and bet level that suits you. Next, click on the betting chips and drag them to the type of bet you want to place at the table, including over, under, even, odd, and many other types of bets. Don’t forget to click confirm to complete the operation before the betting time runs out.

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Step 4: The dealer shakes the chip and announces the result

After the player places a bet, the dealer shakes three dice, all three of which are placed in a transparent glass jar to ensure fairness and transparency. Players rely on the total score of the three dice to determine the result and the winner or loser. If your prediction matches the bet, you will receive a reward depending on the specific reward rate; otherwise, you will lose all your money.

Tips for playing Sicbo to win big

Tips for playing Sicbo to win big

According to experts, sicbo is considered a game of chance, although the way to play sicbo is quite simple. However, for new players, not everyone knows that knowing tips and playing experience can increase their chances of winning prizes. So below are some playing tips compiled from talented players for beginners to increase your chances of winning:

Understand the rules and how to play Sicbo

Before starting to play, many players often skip learning the house’s rules and regulations. This is a mistake because only when you clearly understand the rules of the game can you apply the most appropriate betting strategies and tips.

Do not place bets with identical odds.

According to the experience of veteran players, when playing sicbo, bettors should not place duplicate bets or choose the exact door too many times. This reduces the chance of winning and consumes a lot of capital. Instead, you should coordinate your bets on many doors to increase your chances of winning and minimize risks.

Know when to stop

This is a significant way to play sicbo, and new players must pay attention when participating to achieve the best results. Sometimes, when players win a lot, they may feel greedy and when they lose, they want to continue playing to get back the money they lost. However, not knowing when to stop can lead to losing all the money you have won, or even more, and can lead to debt.

Hopefully, the information introduced above will help you better understand how to play Sic Bo and effective strategies, which will give you the opportunity to win great prizes. Don’t forget to register at lodi646 to try this exciting game.

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