C1 Cup top scorer – named striker Erling Haaland

The C1 Cup top scorer is a topic always discussed by football fans every time the C1 European tournament takes place. Not only is it of interest to the players who dream of standing in this position, but even the bettors also update the news every day. In the article below, LODI646 will share with you the most interesting information about this top scorer and the most interesting C1 tournament.

C1 Tournament – ​​Where champions compete for the throne

C1 Tournament – ​​Where champions compete for the throne

For many of you who are just starting to learn about football and perhaps still wondering what the concept of C1 is, this is a tournament with the full name UEFA Champions League and is regularly held in July every year. year. This major tournament brings together the clubs considered the strongest in Europe to face each other to find the world champion.

Those interested in football not only care about the top scorer of the C1 Cup that stirs up each season but also show their passion by betting on their favorite teams. That’s why today’s bookmakers create favorable conditions for you by offering many extremely good promotions to help you financially.

C1 Cup top scorer – young striker Erling Haaland

Recognized and becoming popular in the past season, the top scorer of the C1 Cup called out the name of the Man City player when he made excellent tackles, overcoming players who are not easy to win. Mohamed Salah from Liverpool Club. The summary of the recent tournament recorded 12 goals from Haaland and became the champion of the Man City club.

With a performance that satisfied viewers and his efforts shown at the C1 tournament, the results were recorded when after the tournament ended Haaland was recognized as the top scorer of the C1 Cup and had a transfer The announced concession is the highest with an amount of more than 260 million USD.

Take a look at the excellent clubs in the recent C1 tournament

Take a look at the excellent clubs in the recent C1 tournament

With the participation of 32 teams that are considered kings in the football world, it is enough to understand the extremely fierce competition in the matches and the heart-stopping suspense of football fans. Below are the teams that are considered to have extremely beautiful competitions and are engraved in the hearts of the King sports fan community.

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Man City Club – Undeniable champion

The reigning champion of the C1 tournament named the Man City club something that no one can argue with when they won against Inter Milan with a final score of 1 – 0. Although it was the first time crowned champion, Man City has proven its strength to the fans with a stable playing style, possessing a solid defense and fierce attack throughout the tournament.

Real Madrid Club – Experienced veteran warrior

As the gathering place of the best football stars, Real Madrid is the champion of many tournaments, owning a record of 14 times lifting the C1 Cup, and is the starting place for the success of many stars of the century, for example. Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Karim Benzema. Real Madrid Club still maintains its form when it tops Group C in the C1 tournament.

What interesting record information does the C1 tournament record?

What interesting record information does the C1 tournament record?

The football fan community is not only interested in champions competing against each other in extremely fierce matches or information about the top scorer of the C1 Cup, but they are also interested in recorded records. throughout the tournament.

The first top scorer in C1 Cup history

Lionel Messi is a legendary name that everyone knows as a golden football player in the football world, but not many people know about his title of top scorer in many consecutive seasons from 2008, 2009 to 2011. 2012 proved Messi’s stability in his playing form.

The player who scores the most goals in a match

Stirring up the media when scoring many goals in just one match, players Lionel Messi and Luiz Adriano are the two names that are called out the most when they record a football record with 5 goals. In 2012 when facing Barcelona Messi recorded this record and in 2014 Shakhtar Donetsk did the same when facing BATE Borisov.


After the C1 tournament ended, the media had a great opportunity to report on the champions who had just won the match as well as the top scorer of the C1 Cup. Hopefully, through the information shared above, you will have more interesting knowledge about this football sport.

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