How to play Bull Bull Card Game

If you are bored with traditional casino games like Baccarat, Poker, or other card games, bull bull will definitely be a great choice. This is a completely new game, expected to be a big hit at many online bookmakers. Let’s explore some detailed information and how to play bull bull through the article from

Information about the card game bull bull

Information about the card game bull bull

Bull Bull is a game in the Poker genre, known as one of the popular game versions in China. With a simple way to play bull bull but bringing great rewards, as soon as it was launched in the Vietnamese market, this game quickly attracted attention.

You will experience a completely new version of the online game, with a redesigned interface to bring a lively and engaging experience. The way to play bull bull is similar to other Poker games, using a deck of 52 cards. Above all, the rules in the game are quite simple so anyone can understand.

How to play bull bull for beginners

To understand how to play bull bull and avoid mistakes when betting, you can refer to the following instructions:

How to play bull bull for beginners

How to play?

When participating in the game, you have 4 positions to bet, also known as 4 doors, corresponding to the values ​​of Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds. After selecting the door, players can bet on the doors that they trust without restrictions on the number of bets.

First, you deposit money and choose the amount to bet for the game, the bet amount can be adjusted from 5k to 300k and displayed below the interface.

Select the bet amount from the corresponding boxes, keeping in mind that each tap will increase the bet amount exponentially. For example, if you select the box with a payout of 10k and press 7 times on the Co bet, you have bet 70k on the Co bet.

After the betting time, the system will deal the cards; each hand will receive 5 cards. The dealer deals first, then the other doors.

The deck of cards and the value of the bull bulll have been arranged in advance for each door, the player only needs to keep track of the value of each door to determine the result.

Compare results and receive rewards based on the rate that the house is setting for each door.

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Basic terminology

In this card game, there will be a number of terms defined in the following situations:

Basic terminology

Oac: In a situation, when 5 cards are dealt, there is no pair of cards whose total is divisible by 10. It should be noted that the value of each card with JQK value is calculated as 10 points.

Bull Bull: This is a special case when the sum of the first 3 cards and the next 2 cards are divisible by 10.

Four of a kind: Similar to Poker, four of a kind appears when there are 4 cards of the same value. For example: 2222.

Five Bull Flowers: This is the best case, when the 5 cards dealt are all JQK human-shaped cards, this is considered the bull set with the highest value.

Card value in bull-bull game

To determine the winning or losing results in the game, the house has established specific and strict regulations. This ensures maximum fairness and transparency, and helps players easily track their results. The cards are arranged from largest to smallest as follows:

Odd cards gradually decrease from K, Q, J, 10,… to 3, 2, A, with K being the highest value and A being the lowest value.

Spades > Hearts > Diamonds > Diamonds.

Bull 9 > Bull 8 > … > Bull 1.

Instructions on how to play bull bull

If you want to participate in this card game but don’t know the detailed steps, you can refer to how to play bull bull right below:

Step 1: Visit the dealer’s website by clicking on the corresponding link, then log in to your game account.

Step 2: On the main interface of the website, select “Games”, then select “Casino”, now you can choose the bull bull game.

Step 3: Participate in betting by betting according to regulations, when the dealer has distributed the cards, arrange the cards according to the rules, with 3 cards on the left forming the bull and 2 cards on the right having the highest value.

Step 4: Compare the cards and wait for the winning or losing results. If you win, you can receive a proportional reward, and if you lose, you will lose all the money.

Hope you can use the strategies Phmacao shared in the above article to play bull bull and get the best odds.fective bet. Don’t forget to register an account at Phmacao to experience exciting moments of entertainment every day.

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