What are Barca fans called? What kind of team fan is this?

What are Barca fans called? This is inherently a very easy question to answer because both the Barcelona team and their powerful fan base are extremely familiar and influential in world football. Therefore, let’s join LODI646 to summarize extremely interesting information about Barca fans and even that team.

What name are Barca fans called?

What name are Barca fans called?

What are Barca fans called? As a powerful force of one of the most valuable football teams today, the name of the Barca fan club has long been extremely familiar every time someone mentions it. Cules – this is the name referring to those who love the Barcelona team. According to estimates, the number of Cules shows no signs of decreasing but only tends to increase day by day.

What kind of fans are Barca fans?

From the beginning of the club’s founding, Barcelona was just a small club with an extremely modest number of fans. This team even regularly plays at Les Corts Stadium – a small grass field with not much capacity. This makes the name of the Barcelona club faint and has not made any impression on football fans.

However, because of that, the cheering spirit of the Cules became small. Every time the Barca club has a match on the field, it is welcomed with warmth and love from the fans. Barca fans always arrive very early to prepare to cheer for their team. They were so enthusiastic that they were rarely seen sitting because they stood throughout the match.

And later, when the Barcelona team became the key team at Barca Stadium – the largest stadium in Europe to date, the fans still kept that spiritual fire. Even that fire burns louder and louder, encouraging more determination and enthusiasm.

Overview of the Barcelona team

Overview of the Barcelona team

Besides learning about the fans, we should also generalize some information about the Barcelona club. What kind of team is this that can attract such a large and passionate fan base? Let’s take a moment to discuss the above question.

The birth of the Barcelona team

Barca Football Club was founded in 1899 in Spain, also known more fully as Barcelona Football Club. When it was first founded, the club was under the leadership of Joan Gamper and gradually became a symbol of Catalan culture. The typical jersey color of this team is dark blue stripes alternating with red stripes.

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Currently, this club is one of the leading clubs in terms of revenue with an estimated figure of more than 580 million euros. The total value of this club up to now is about 4.76 billion, with this number the team is ranked 4th on the value rankings.

Các giải thưởng được gặt hái bởi Barcelona

  • With the warm support from the fans and the constant efforts of the Barca team, there have been many prestigious awards brought to the team. Prominent among them include:
  • Champion of Spain 26 times.
  • 2 times received the Spanish League Cup.
  • 5 times won the UEFA Champions League trophy.
  • 3 times winner of the FIFA Club World Cup.
  • 23 times Catalan champion.
  • 3 times winner of the Inter-Cities Fairs trophy.

Impressive individual awards from Barcelona players

Impressive individual awards from Barcelona players

FC Barcelona is the cradle of the best players of all time. Some players did not start their careers with Barca but achieved impressive achievements while playing for this club.

Player Messi: wearing the number 10 shirt, Messi is known as the best player in the history of the Barcelona team. He has won the FIFA Golden Ball 7 times, won the FIFA Player of the Year title once, won the European Golden Shoe 5 times, and the La Liga Player of the Year title 3 times. 5 times won the title of La Liga top scorer, also known as Pichichi.

Player Ronaldinho: also wearing the number 10 shirt, the name Ronaldinho also contributed significantly to the Barcelona team while still playing for the team. He has twice received FIFA’s Best Player of the Year award and once received the European Golden Ball.


What are Barca fans called? After reading the above article, you will surely find the answer for yourself. With the enthusiasm and intense love of Barca club fans, this team will certainly bring them prestigious awards and trophies.

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