Why Should You Play Jackpot Fishing Games on Lodi646? 

As compared with the Classic Fish game, Jackpot Fishing Games provides the highest total payout, jackpot prize, cashback rewards, and a higher possibility of winning. JILI Fishing Jackpot on Lodi646 also features more frequent bonus events and a bigger multiplier than other fishing games. The multiplier can go up to Lodi646 using a longer-lasting pool progression. 

The Bonus of Jackpot Fishing Games

The Bonus of Jackpot Fishing Games


JILI games share an accumulated pool of bonuses across all fish games. This translates to a couple of specials, including better rewards payout, airdrop treasure chests, and mysterious free gifts. 

Rewards Payout

Earn real cash prizes in five different grades. As an example, Grade 200 rewards can go up to 50,000 pesos. The bigger your grade, the greater the reward grades you are entitled to bring home. 

Treasure Chest

Similar rules apply. The bigger your grade inside the progress bar, the greater your chances of winning a treasure chest. These chests are categorized into Bronze, Silver, and Gold chests, with all the Gold chests being the grand prize for players to vanish with as many as 2,500 pesos. 

Mysterious Gifts

A large total of five levels. You will increase your grade at your rewards to increase your levels. You can be credited with mysterious gifts with multiple prizes when you hit an unusual grade. 

How To Start: In-Game Fishing Settings

How To Start: In-Game Fishing Settings
  • Room change: Hover to the left corner of the game, switch rooms, or make changes to the bet limits. 
  • Game data: Hover here to evaluate game features and payout rates. 
  • Betting information: This button will not help you to affect what bet but will let you examine the status of the bets. 
  • Shooting function: Choose the Automatic or Target Lock function to shoot inside the fish. Players may well try Manual shooting if they like.
  • Special attractions: Stay alert all the time for them to join the special attractions organized through the game. 
  • Sound setting: Control On/Off to the adventure sound. 
  • Prepare to shoot and earn rewards. 

What Are The Odds To Win The Fishing Jackpot? 

What Are The Odds To Win The Fishing Jackpot? 

JILI Jackpot fishing games feature multiple bosses to struggle with to win a jackpot. These are a few of the spawns that carry a higher possibility of jackpots: 

  • Jackpot Fish
  • Jackpot Dragon
  • Treasure Bowl
  • Immortal Ocean King
  • Special species of fish (Anglerfish, Armored Fish, Fortune Terrapin) 
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For Jackpot on Lodi646, place a bet in excess of 5-10 pesos for multiplied jackpots. To elevate the chances of re-multiplied, place much more than 80 pesos. 

Jackpot Types

Speed Jackpot: The minimum threshold is 0.2 Pesos. Receive an additional 168x multiplier once the bullet value exceeds 0.6 Pesos.

Lucky Jackpot: The minimum threshold is 0.8 Pesos. Receive an additional 168x multiplier once the bullet value exceeds 2 Pesos.

JILI Jackpot: The minimum threshold is 5 Pesos. Receive an additional 168x multiplier and become re-multiply once the bullet value exceeds 80 Pesos. 

Top Fishing Game Tips To Help You Score The Jackpot

Top Fishing Game Tips To Help You Score The Jackpot

Avoid Sparse Shooting 

Concentrate your shooting and avoid switching targets midway. Target a fish and kill it before moving to the next target. But avoid ceasing shots at fish going to leave the screen and hence avoiding bullet wastage. 

Utilize the Target Lock Function

Unleash the continuously at fish with a bigger hit point (HP) which generally carries a higher reward point.  

Understand the Wave Patterns

Fish will spawn randomly on the screen, but they generally can be purchased in a pattern — floating from left, right, and center of the screen. Whenever you recognize the wave pattern for every one game, aim inside the high-valued fish to secure the rewards. 

Avoid Automated Shoot Mode

Automated shooting is speedy, however, drains out bets quickly. Feel free to use manual shooting mode and torpedo to pip the damage. As an example, when playing in multiplayer mode, it is easy to launch a torpedo after someone has shot multiple times on a kill-steal. 

Aim for Consistency Rather than Big Wins

Aim for smaller fish to amass points before aiming inside the bigger fish using a weapon with better destruction power. 

Try Shooting at the Slower Fish

Slower fish could possibly have lesser rewards, however, guarantee the points. It accocunts for for any misses you may feel for fish that travel fast and disappear on-screen. 

Can You Play Fishing Jackpot In The Philippines? 

Can You Play Fishing Jackpot In The Philippines? 

Yes. You’re able to register an account at Lodi646 to begin playing the game. Lodi646 is a licensed online casino from the Philippines that lets you deposit and withdraw all winnings in a variety of payment methods. Like for example, bank transfers, e-payment, GrabPay, GCash, and more. 

Lodi646 offers 24/7 customer support and withdrawal to help you when you need help. And now we don’t delay your withdrawal and guarantee withdrawals 24/7. Lodi646 promises to take the most suitable and newest online Jackpot Fishing games from the Philippines to help you magnify profits and finally, enjoy yourself simultaneously.

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