How to Play Fantan Always Win – Experience from Experts

How to Play Fantan Always Win, what do you need to prepare? The answer is sought after by many players who are passionate about this subject. This is also the goal that this article wants to share with you. Let LODI646 help you gain the best knowledge to conquer this game.

What is a Fantan game?

What is a Fantan game?

Fantan is one of the types of gambling that has existed for a long time and originated in China. Although it was introduced to Vietnam quite early, the popularity of crossbows cannot compete with modern card games. However, Fantan’s market is still quite large because there are still a large number of players who love this sport.

In addition to possessing simple game rules, Fantan also impresses with many diverse betting forms, bringing interesting attractions. Perhaps this is a big advantage that makes many people still unable to give up this betting product. Read more content below to understand how to play Fantan always win more easily if you want to participate.

Understand the rules of the game and how to play Fantan to always win

Understand the rules of the game and how to play Fantan to always win

The rules of the game are the first thing you should learn with any type of betting. You should register with the house to try playing. For Fantan, everyone needs to pay attention and remember the following issues:

For traditional Fantan

The dealer will randomly draw seeds from the player’s betting table. And use a long stick to divide these buttons into many columns, each column will consist of 4 seeds until the end. The number of seeds that usually appear in the last column (including 1, 2, 3, or 4 seeds) is used to determine the outcome of the match.

Super Fantan

There will be a slight difference from the traditional form of Fantan in that no particles are used. For the Super Fantan Dealer category, the house will deal 3 cards to the Banker and Player each. Next, take the total score of the 6 cards and divide it by 4. The remainder of this calculation will be taken as the final result of the game for the player.

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Fantan betting shop

  • To always win when playing Fantan, you must understand all the available bets at present.
  • Participating in betting on the balance of those 6 buttons means you have to guess whether the number is even/odd
  • Bet on whether the total score of the 6 cards dealt to both sides will be higher, lower, or equal to the value 42.
  • Nim bet: bet on the balance of one of two certain numbers provided by the system. If you bet on the correct number before Nim, you win the house money, and after Nim, you tie.
  • Knok bet: a bet on the balance of one of two certain numbers given by the system

Betting rules in how to play Fantan always wins

Betting rules in how to play Fantan always wins
  • The rules in the game are set for players to follow. If you want to win, you must understand these rules in detail from the house. For more clarity, everyone can read the information we provide below:
  • To be able to play this Fantan, you need to prepare about 200 to 500 beans or dice, etc. Add a small bowl and use a stick or wooden stick to arrange the beans on the table.
  • The balance is only between 1 and 4, so players only need to predict within that range. This game relies heavily on luck, so the payout rate is quite high.
  • So if you receive a bonus, you can get a large amount of money in your account. Of course, losing bets is understandable.

How to play Fantan to always win against masters or apply it

To make it easier for you to integrate into this game, we have compiled some methods that players often apply. These are experiences that will help you win more easily in this game:

Proceed to place 2 doors at the same time

For a game that relies heavily on luck like Fanta, multi-way betting is extremely reasonable. It helps the winning rate to be higher, of course, the amount of bet you spend will also be larger. But in return, you win and receive a bonus even though the value is not as high as placing a single bet.

Choose a reasonable betting table

To start your game product smoothly, you should choose a table that suits your financial ability. You can play at small betting tables first to gain experience or earn more capital. After your skills are higher and your capital potential is also stronger, it will be easier for you to increase the bet amount at larger tables.

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Ensure the best psychology when betting

This is an important condition you need to pay special attention to when playing Fantan or any betting game. Psychological instability greatly affects the betting process. Losing your temper makes your decisions inaccurate. In addition, it also directly affects future bets.

Therefore, please participate in betting when you are ready and mentally stable. This is experience from good players that you should learn from.


How to play Fantan and always win is all the information we provide above. Hope you can refer and draw conclusions for yourself, hope everyone will have wonderful hours of entertainment with this betting product.

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