What do Chelsea fans call it?

What are Chelsea fans called or what interesting characteristics do Chelsea fans have? This is something that not only football enthusiasts are curious about, but betting enthusiasts also want to know. Right now, let LODI646 introduce and answer the most unique and interesting information about Chelsea’s fan community.

The most unique things you need to know about the famous football team Chelsea

The most unique things you need to know about the famous football team Chelsea

Chelsea is a football club that has always received a lot of admiration from many football enthusiasts. If you follow this football club, you can easily see their increasing ability and performance.

That’s why the community of fans and lovers of the Chelsea club has been established and more and more people want to learn more information about it, such as what year Chelsea was founded or what achievements and changes this team has achieved. okay,… So what is Chelsea FC or the Chelsea fan community called, what is special about this community, and how they operate? Let’s find out right below.

The Chelsea fan community is the top-ranked football club in the UK and is very famous in the world today. Chelsea FC was officially established in 1905. Since that year, along with the club’s increasingly brilliant competition history, Chelsea FC has also grown and proven its influence.

How is Chelsea Club evaluated by fans?

As mentioned above, Chelsea is one of the most famous football clubs in the world today. That’s why the fan base of this club is always large and constantly growing. One of the similarities between famous clubs is that they are always admired and loved by their fans through several unique nicknames.

Up to now, some of the nicknames that Chelsea has received from their beloved fans include: The nickname “The Pensioners” was coined in the 1950s as a description for the club by fans. “Retired People” series. There are also two extremely famous nicknames to this day: “The Blue” and “Royal Cavalry Team” that describe their playing talent.

The history of the birth of the nickname “The Blue” is based on the color of the team’s jersey, blue is the color of hope. As for the nickname “Royal Cavalry Team”, it was born after talented coach Ted Drake became the main coach meaning that this is a strong team from the royal kingdom of England.

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What is the Chelsea fan community called and what is special about them?

What is the Chelsea fan community called and what is special about them?

After the general information about the Chelsea club, we see that their performance and talent are extremely outstanding. Therefore, you can more or less guess that the team has a strong and equally special fan base. So let’s find out what the Chelsea fan community calls it and what other special nicknames are to make it easier to grasp information to withdraw a lot of bonus money.

The name “The Blues” – the official name of the Chelsea fan community

As mentioned above the name “The Blues”, is the nickname given and considered official by the Chelsea fan community. “The Blues” is inspired by the team’s jersey color, meaning companionship and presence next to the players, giving them strength.

The Blues to this day is not simply a name for the fan community, but it is also a language formed for them to express pride for their idol. This is also considered by Chelsea as the team’s slang name echoed throughout the world’s stadiums.

The nickname “The Pensioners”: a Chelsea tradition and a place of memory

The nickname “The Pensioners”: a Chelsea tradition and a place of memory

In addition to the popular name above, some Chelsea fans have established the association “The Pensioners” – a nickname that represents the tradition and history of Chelsea FC. To explain the reason for the birth and circumstances of this name, please follow the details below.

As revealed, Chelsea previously had a connection with Royal Hospital Chelsea in London. Therefore, this place receives a lot of attention from the following community. Later, to remind them of this hospital, a place that “sheltered” the happy days of retired soldiers, fans gave their community the name “The Pensioners”.


In the article above, we have in turn helped you gain a general understanding and better understanding of some important information to answer the question of what Chelsea fans are called and how they operate. Please refer to and give your perspective on this story.

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